Here I will share with you how by being myself and asking the right questions I was able to bag one of my most influential jobs.

✨ Grow your confidence and achieve your dream jobs.

✨ Understand how to network in the beauty industry and who you should be networking with.

✨ How to avoid any self-conscious encounters with these ice breaker questions to ask in business.

Don’t miss out on this training from celebrated Beauty INFLUENCER and Author Toni Thomas



✨ This course will give you an overwhelming sense of CONFIDENCE in yourself and your work, it will make you want to get started straight away and change up your current strategy!


✨ You will experience an overload of positivity from Toni as she gives you the fundamentals and knowledge that you can put into practice RIGHT NOW.


✨ Your EXCITEMENT for your business will return and your mood will totally shift as you start to plan your more best year ever in business.


✨ You will experience your client books being booked for weeks in advance as you are given CRUCIAL fundamental exercises that you can practice! 

You need to view this training ONLY if:

✨ You are a beauty pro that HAS the determination to make this a sustainable business but you don't know HOW to market yourself.

✨ A salon beauty professional who WANTS to make it in the beauty biz but doesn’t know HOW to get clarity in growing their biz. 

✨ You're lacking in CONFIDENCE as a business owner to sell your skills and network with others.

Your training will be delivered by

Toni Thomas

An award-winning editorial makeup artist, author, educator, and beauty business guru.

She has spent her entire career in the beauty and fashion industry and is now taking her years of experience, insight, and knowledge online to share with you. 

Her B.S-FREE approach to learning gets straight to it, guiding you every way and challenging you on what you have learned during her training classes.


Writing notes and plans don’t create the sustainable action you’re seeking.

Action creates success!