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Kimberly, Model Ballerina

I have worked with Toni on numerous occasions over the last three years. Each photoshoot that we have worked together on has truly been an incredible experience. Not only is she an incredible makeup artist, but she is always looking out for the models that she works with. Toni brings the perfect mix of professionalism and excitement to every session. I feel so privileged to have met this amazing woman and artist.


Keisha, Editor 

Sol Style Magazine

Truly amazing, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with Toni. She’s extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and follows through on every issue. Toni is reliable and is always willing to help other individuals reach their goals and maximize their full potential. And best of all her creative skills and business acumen are second to none, whether you’re a student, colleague, client, or Industry partner she is the best to work with. 



Three Tigers Media

Toni is a wonderful person to work with because Toni is simply a wonderful person.  Aside from personality and charm she truly cares about what she does and takes great pride in her art. Toni's passion and enthusiasm come out in every encounter.  Toni operates her business with integrity and with the same passion she gives to her profession in makeup.  I look forward to our continued collaboration and partnership!

Camry, Model

Have you ever met someone who immediately captures your heart and makes you feel like a one in a million instead of one of a million? Toni was my “someone”. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Toni in her makeup area as well as other group projects empowering women. Along with being an inspiring pillar of a woman, Toni is an incredibly talented and accomplished makeup artist. I was transformed by her unparalleled makeup skills but I also left her studio with a compassionate heart, and an urge to do more for myself and others. 

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