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Don’t miss out on this training from celebrated Beauty INFLUENCER and best selling Author Toni Thomas

Are you ready to earn a consistent income in your beauty business and enjoy the freedoms that come with your success?

In this exclusive course, I'm sharing what I learned as an aspiring beauty industry professional and how I found ultimate success in my own beauty career. 

I know how difficult it can be to build a successful beauty business and the struggles that come from launching a beauty career or trying to build a thriving business. It wasn't easy for me, it was a long journey of discovery that took me years to figure out how to apply just the right techniques to build my successful beauty business. 

but I did it and so can you...

I took my BIG dreams and started small, I applied a series of easy strategies that allowed me to build a thriving career in the beauty industry...

My small and consistent approach launched a BIG career. I now teach beauty courses all over the world, I run a successful online beauty academy, I am the author of 7 beauty industry books, I am the creative director for a fashion and beauty magazine, and best of all

I attend New York Fashion Week every year as

an invited makeup artist and guest beauty blogger,

and I have been invited back every year for the past 5 years!

My BIG dreams that started with small techniques are duplicatable and I want to share these techniques with you, so you too can achieve your biggest dreams.

Wouldn't you like to have a career that takes you beyond your wildest dreams and gives you a life filled with passion, purpose, and intention? 

My beauty business blueprint guide can be applied across the board in any beauty business and if done properly can give you the successful beauty business you have always wanted. 

Don't you think it's time to start rocking your beauty business?

It took me years and years to perfect my strategies but it will take you only five days to take my course and learn my techniques. Within a few weeks of completing this course, you will be able to implement what you learn and take your career to a new level of success. This course will be your cheat sheet to success...

In this groundbreaking course, you'll discover...

✨ How to get new clients, and make a bigger profit from your existing clientele.

✨ How to sell your beauty products without feeling pushy or salesy.

✨ How to create your own marketing blueprint designed exclusively for you.

✨ How to get amazing results on a small budget.

✨ How to become a consistent marketer with a plan that works.

✨ How to charge higher prices for your services and have your customers thank you and refer their friends.

Start small think BIG.

You deserve the life you've always wanted.

Do you want to...

💎 Build a thriving beauty business that is sustainable and successful?

💎 Consistently grow your clientele, have your customers buying higher ticket services, more products, and making more referrals?

💎 Grow your business, have the freedom to spend more time with family & friends and maybe get the flexibility to travel when and where you want to go?

💎 Put your marketing on autopilot, get more time to do the craft you love, spend more time doing what you are good at, and enjoy your business more?

Your training will be delivered by

Toni Thomas with special guest experts

Toni is an award-winning editorial makeup artist, best-selling author, educator, and beauty business guru.

She has spent her entire career in the beauty and fashion industry and is now taking her years of experience, insight, and knowledge online to share with you. 

Her B.S-FREE approach to learning gets straight to it, guiding you every way and challenging you on what you have learned during her training classes.


Writing notes and plans don’t create the sustainable action you’re seeking.

Action creates success!


Don't wait The time to act is now

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