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La' Ballerina

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

You might think Makeup Artistry is just about slayin' faces and movin' on to the next assignment but for me, it is all about the people who trust me enough to get the perfect look for their photo shoot and allow me to enhance their beauty. I enjoy not only the makeup process but getting to know each and every person I work with and sometimes when we least expect it amazing things happen.

Today was no exception, at our photo shoot at the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower in Baltimore MD the photographer stopped the session and asked the dancer to just dance. In the process he captured this amazing video of the lovely Ballerina Kimberly Thompson.

Here is "Industrial Ballet" performed by Kimberly Thompson La' Ballerina, filmed by the incredible photographer Nick Kalivretenos with makeup and video editing done by me Toni Thomas.

God gave me a skill I just found the brushes!

Cheers, Toni

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